Tuesday, May 6, 2008

that new car smell and my dream dinner

We traded in our car last night for a brand new scion. Smells YUMMY!! There is something so intoxicating about that smell. Anyways, felt like we got a good deal and Chadds uber happy too.
His lips are healing pretty nicely and he should look like a normal human in a few days, hopefully. Until then no work for him.
Sometimes when i read celebrity interviews they ask them who they'd want to have dinner with if they could meet anyone. I find that most people list Oprah or Angelina but they would only be informative not enjoyable. My dream dinner companions are Amy Sedaris, Heather Armstrong of www.dooce.com, Chelsea Handler and also Stephanie Klein and Augusten burroughs if 5 were an option.
How hilarious would that meal be!?

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