Monday, May 26, 2008

anniversaries come but once year

and its ours!!! 1 year ago today I was hustling around the Fairmont Hotel getting read to be wed! It was a wild amazing day.
This is my love letter to you babe,

I adore you wholeheartedly. You have given me my best life and enriched my soul so much. I was always waiting and hoping for a love like ours. Its happy ending love and I'm getting to fill in the story myself with you. I know that you are my one love because in the 4 years that I've been only loving and kissing you my heart has never left you for a moment. All I dream of is growing older with you. I want to hold your hand everyday of my life.
The things that bring me joy are so subtle like playing with the kitties, eating a good meal together, sniffing you and snuggling. These make the big things like traveling, planning, dancing and laughing so much better because there is depth below the fun.

love your wife,


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