Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Chace is now my hubbys new 'robot' crew (if you can call 2 people a crew) with his friend Ace. Get it Chadd + ACE = Chace. We are wildly creative people as you can tell. They've been just itching to preform and fuckster as we like to say. Fuckstering basically consists of going to a public place, getting down robot style and messing with people. Costumes and recording are a must.
S they convinced me to come and be camera women extroidinaire so we tagged along to this event with Aces friend Audrey. It was actually quite cool and totally up my alley. It was for bloggers and was being held at MILK which is this cute cafe that's on beverly just east of fairfax that serves ice cream, treats and some basic food.
The clip will be on Youtube soon but to give you the idea of what went down here's a pic for now of the guys:

So although this is not a food blog I do have to say WOW, they had some seriously amazing goodies. This is a good place to go to for a casual lite lunch followed by heavy desserts.

The people there really enjoyed and embraced the robot which was nice because you never know how a business will respond to you just taking over and recording in their establishment. I think what we realized is, EVERYONE LOVES THE ROBOT. DO YOU?

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