Monday, October 1, 2007

Dear Picci punkin head,

I just want to sniff you again. To tell you I'm sorry you found an open window and got out and mostly I'm sorry that you had no nails to protect yourself against whatever got you in the end. I cried myself to sleep for a week after you got out Picci.
I just got a call from my dad saying he thought he saw you again. After 4 years could you really be living on our street as someone elses pet. I couldn't relax after we hung up, him on his way to the neighbors house to see if it was you. To check if you had your front paw nails, the sign it would be you even if he couldn't remember exactly what your beautiful orange spots looked like. I called my mom and sister excitedly telling them you might still be alive. Trying to control my excitement in case it wasn't you but in my mind I was already buying a last minute ticket to get up there and see you. I was fantasyzing about touching you again and bringing you your old stuffed animal, belle mcowfry. Then I called for the 5th time to see if they were back from getting you and Paula said that she was sorry but it wasn't you. She help the cat and it had nails and it wasn't you, my dear Picci. Now I can't think of anything but you. I want you so bad and feel so let down that it wasn't you. You were my first pet, my security blanket after Reza and I broke up. You were my babygirl and you loved me too, I know you did, I could hear it in your coo's to me. My sweet Picci-jones...