Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The joys of pregnancy

Well, I've gone public on facebook that I'm pregnant so here is the blog about it! I'm in my 6th month and have to say, I'm loving it. The whole experience has been 98% amazing. The 2% of ick comes from fears/financial stress (maybe it should be a few more percents in truth but I HATE to lead with fear, instead I trust trust TRUST in the universe to provide) and the other 1% is from the 2 times I've wanted to take pain relief SO BAD but didn't. Like today, I'm dealing with a whiplash like neck pain and have no idea where it stems from but my neck is on fire and the pain is so intense. I've put Arnica gel on it and felt minor relief for a few minutes but nothing long term or seriously pain relieving.
Sidenote, I listen to KPFK every morning on the way to work and they are in the middle of the longest fund-drive but one of the gifts they are hoping to tempt peoples donation with are Dr. Mario Martinez, The Mind Body Code DVD's. They play his clips and it's very interesting and inspiring to lead with your thoughts. So I'm trying to convince myself that this feeling of pain isn't real, that I feel great. Not super successful but I'll keep it going because there's not much else that can be done.
Back to the lovely 98% though, that's the good stuff. I have so much love and good energy flowing through me and around me. It's so important to me to keep the yuck out of my life and body. I don't need it and neither does my baby. I believe the ride she's having in me right now is doing a lot to inform her of the world she's about to come into. A world I hope she feels stress free in, loved...oh so loved, open to explore who she is and follow her passions.
It has been amazing to watch my body grow and change. Even better is to be sharing it with my partner who is giving me so much love, compassion and support. And a lot of food squeezes and help up when it's just too hard to get off the ground by myself. Seriously carrying around an extra 20 pounds ONLY in the front of my body is intense on my balance and comfortability. I'm so thankful for the Snoogle pillow.  A must buy for any preggo's you know. It is my saviour at night.
I'll post soon about the books, classes and ways I'm preparing for my home birth as that is in my mind super share worthy information and I would love to hear back from mommas and mommas to be, especially any who've gone the home birth/midwife route as well. xox