Monday, March 24, 2008

Pussy cat dogs....

Fashion week comes to LA but twice a year. I always try to make it to at least one of his shows but sometimes it's hard to get away from work if it's a day show but this year i totally made time especially since little twink sister was in town. She lurves fashion too and is studying PR so we thought of it as research for her future fabulousness. Drunken research it should be called because bitches can't behave when free drinks are at the helm and hotness is all around which means no food although a sweet security guard hooked us up with some snacky sandwiches; DON'T FEED THE MODELS!
The bitch of it was that after seeing the Monarchy Collection show - Chadd smashed it SEE:

we hung around to get into his PCDs show. He was just there as eyecandy which apparently is his new gig, whatevs. But once again they gave out too many tickets and therefore we were left boozing in the lobby. There is video on youtube of it though and it would have been a fun show to see because the Pussies themselves actually performed

He also rocked the conscious clothing lines of Green Initiative and wore bamboo jeans. Now i wonder if that trend will catch on. It really seemed like having dance elements within a fashion show has caught on and I can't help but wonder if it had something to do with Justin Timbs fall 06 show for William Rast when he totally had awesome dancers open his fashion show. Anyways, check out Chadd mid dance move...

well that is my fashion week wrap up! Now work it you fierce-tranny-hotmesses, JUST KIDDING!