Monday, May 26, 2008

That's just the kind of family I married into...

I knew something was up and I was right! My sweet mother (and father) in law arranged to take care of our bill when we go to dinner tonight. We are dining at the place we got married at and sitting in the actual place that we stood a year ago and took our vows. Our wedding was amazing, especially our vows. I love that all our favorite and most important people watched us say the most amazing things to each other. Promises that we will never break and now tonight we can sort off relive that moment. Maybe just for kicks I'll bring our vows to dinner and we can whisper them to each other again.
I just feel so fortunate to have wonderful family in my life. People that I want to spend my free time with and travel with. It makes me feel so loved and cherished!

anniversaries come but once year

and its ours!!! 1 year ago today I was hustling around the Fairmont Hotel getting read to be wed! It was a wild amazing day.
This is my love letter to you babe,

I adore you wholeheartedly. You have given me my best life and enriched my soul so much. I was always waiting and hoping for a love like ours. Its happy ending love and I'm getting to fill in the story myself with you. I know that you are my one love because in the 4 years that I've been only loving and kissing you my heart has never left you for a moment. All I dream of is growing older with you. I want to hold your hand everyday of my life.
The things that bring me joy are so subtle like playing with the kitties, eating a good meal together, sniffing you and snuggling. These make the big things like traveling, planning, dancing and laughing so much better because there is depth below the fun.

love your wife,


Thursday, May 22, 2008

I smell because I'm excited!

Isn't it sad that BO is my bodies reaction to good news. My Jewish/Italian mix is letting itself be known right about now. The cause of this is that my fave blogger/author Stephanie Klein's hubby Phil called me today asking if I'd be her LA volunteer for her book readings next month. OF COURSE I'd do it! I am also putting together some goodie bags for her to raffle of that will be given away at her readings. I'm really trying to hook the readers up and so far have a massage G.C. to give away at each. I'm hoping to get some handmade goodies, wine and magazines.
I've met SK once before at a book signing but I can't wait to really meet her this time. She's more 'celebrity' to me than most of the actresses out there, so it's kind of a big deal!
Here's a pic from the last time I met her and this time I hope to look a bit less like a lesbo.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Chace is now my hubbys new 'robot' crew (if you can call 2 people a crew) with his friend Ace. Get it Chadd + ACE = Chace. We are wildly creative people as you can tell. They've been just itching to preform and fuckster as we like to say. Fuckstering basically consists of going to a public place, getting down robot style and messing with people. Costumes and recording are a must.
S they convinced me to come and be camera women extroidinaire so we tagged along to this event with Aces friend Audrey. It was actually quite cool and totally up my alley. It was for bloggers and was being held at MILK which is this cute cafe that's on beverly just east of fairfax that serves ice cream, treats and some basic food.
The clip will be on Youtube soon but to give you the idea of what went down here's a pic for now of the guys:

So although this is not a food blog I do have to say WOW, they had some seriously amazing goodies. This is a good place to go to for a casual lite lunch followed by heavy desserts.

The people there really enjoyed and embraced the robot which was nice because you never know how a business will respond to you just taking over and recording in their establishment. I think what we realized is, EVERYONE LOVES THE ROBOT. DO YOU?

"go find Emma and tell her she sucks..."

"and give yourself a star or something Joshua."
This is what i just said to the customer service rep at Amazon. This company is now slightly on my shit list. Mostly because I'm Jewish and partly because they are sneaky and slid some $79 charge through on my bank account. BUT I caught it and called them and then EMMA sucked and didn't cancel the charge 8 days ago like she said she would (again, you suck Emma). So I called today and Joshua was all, well no one had corrected that charge yet so let me just do that quickly for you now. WTF? Why do these customer service people do that? It's not like she was going to profit from the $79 that amazon gets so what's in it for her besides laziness. And while I'm on it, $79 is a steep ass charge for some 'club' that gets you free shipping for a year. I mean really, how much does it cost to ship a book or CD?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

girls gotta have her gays...

I spent the day recouping from having people over. Jenn left this morning and so did Erik who spent the night last night as well. Then i ate entirely too much pasta for one girl. Then i hung with my gays for a bit. Now after writing cards and reading mags i'm hunkering down with my kitties and watching cast away. This movie gets me. Tom Hanks is one of the best actors and so much of this movie is just him grunting and yelling and bleeding. At least he's a billionaire and can clean up real nice after a movie like this where i'm sure he basically starved himself for months to get that starved look.
Chadds at Ellen Degeneres birthday party doing a dance performance. Hope it goes well and they play a clip on her show at least.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

hip hop update

Took class tuesday night. It was sooo gay but fun. As Chadd would say, there was a lot of chicken wingin.
I would go back tonight but Jenn is going to be here and we will probably be chilling and catching up on the 3 yrs since we've seen eachother last.
I feel rich in friends right now. Just had lunch with Elise who's one of my first friends from LA and we dined at Le Conversation. The soup was lame but the salad and company were great!

current sick obsession

I know i'm not the only one drawn to negative shows like snapped and intervention. Those snapped ladies, who go crazy and kill their husband. They all think they've covered their tracks and its like really? Did you really think it wasn't gonna be found out that you were sleeping around with the other sunday school leader and embezzling from the church? really? God much have taught you all the act of ignorance and foolishness because your new life in prison without your children will most likely neither be blissful or godly. But I digress, my real obsession these days or since april 28th is that of Elisabeth Frizl. They girl (now women) from Austria who was held in an underground cellar for 24 yrs by her insesstuas father who kept her as his 'mistress' and fathered 7 kids with her. 7 kids! 24 yrs! it's too awful to comprehend although i've tried. I was 6 yrs old the last time she saw the light of day and now 24 yrs later at 42 she is free although she is now the mother of her fathers children. I hope she can comeback somehow from this. I feel so deeply for this women half way around the globe and so murderously for her vile father. It turns my stomach and my imagination is in full force trying to conceive of her life day in and day out. Just awful. Even though my life has not been always blessed I feel grateful. Just to be free, to have choice, to go to work and on a walk. To not be a prisoner to anyone but my own self and to be my own shining star.
Good luck Elisabeth. My heart goes out to you and your family. I hope peace and acceptance lie somewhere in your future.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


saturdays really my only happy day of the week. There's a dark cloud hanging over sunday and it's not because I don't like work. I truthfully don't mind work. Its the hours and repetitiveness of work that gets me. 5 days in the row of waking up at 8am is a drag. I wouldn't choose to sleep in late if I didn't work, I would sleep differently. Better in fact if I knew that alarm wasn't going to yell at me. I'd prefer to wake up to the insessint meows of Coco demading to be fed and Charli walking across us looking for a hand to pet her.
There's no hump in my day thats for sure.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

its my part time job

Drinks between the hours of 2-3pm at the Palm monday - friday with boss and sometimes Exec- prod (I must protect thier privacy HA). Carlos is the bartender of choice whereas my drink of choice (d.o.c. = doc, like medicine) fluctuates between Champagne, vodka tonic, Lemondrop, Arnold Palmer if I decide not to partake in libations and todays was uber yummy: a margharita rocks NO SALT with a splash of Chambord so basically its a purple margharita.
Unfortunately for this foodie theres usually on drinks sometimes an extra olive or some flat bread but none of the steak or lobster that the Palm is so well no for. Boo hoo for me.
I usually only have one drink because 2 would basically have me going home drunk to pass out at 5 therefore forgoing all of my good intentions for the evening. Tonight, I plan on hitting up 'Hip hop' at 24 hr fitness. It'll technically be my first class and i hope its not lead by some ubergay who can't get down because I will walk out I swear. I'm deliberating over going thug out in maybe some gangsta sweats and a bandana or should i blend in with the gays with some tight bicycle shorts and a thong leotard over. Only time will tell.
I must blog about Entourage shooting at work last week. Must be recorded for posterity, whatever that means.

that new car smell and my dream dinner

We traded in our car last night for a brand new scion. Smells YUMMY!! There is something so intoxicating about that smell. Anyways, felt like we got a good deal and Chadds uber happy too.
His lips are healing pretty nicely and he should look like a normal human in a few days, hopefully. Until then no work for him.
Sometimes when i read celebrity interviews they ask them who they'd want to have dinner with if they could meet anyone. I find that most people list Oprah or Angelina but they would only be informative not enjoyable. My dream dinner companions are Amy Sedaris, Heather Armstrong of, Chelsea Handler and also Stephanie Klein and Augusten burroughs if 5 were an option.
How hilarious would that meal be!?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hard not to be jealous

WOW! Watching Top 10 kitchens right now and i'm trying hard not to be green with envy. This color doesn't look that good on me but these are some pretty amazing kitchens and are attached to amazing homes to boot. I hope and wish that we make the right choices in life to get the life we dream of. We definitely don't need 7 ovens. Who does really but i'll take that build in coffee maker and the wine cellar. I'm just going to keep saying 'saving trend' because thats what we're in. We do buy still but we've been selling a lot of shit that we no longer need as well. OK, back to my jealousy.

Chadd Smith

I googled chadds name earlier and there are so many nonsensical postings from the Epic Movie he was in. You have to go a few pages in just to find anything else on him and believe me there is so much more. I wish there were some modeling links since thats what he does the most or at least links to dance clips of his. i'm loving the new clip on youtube in the dance battle against Miley Cyrus. It pretty much rocks and theres many awesome celebs, even Adam Sandler makes a cameo, the link is

I will definitely be journaling about the wack ass comedy show we saw last night but now i gotta go shower and get ready to go to china town with chadd and forrest to buy bamboo and whatnots.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

A new direction....

fact, no one reads this so instead of writing little stories or observations i'm going to journal. I love the idea of journaling but pen to paper is just to hard a this point. It's the computer era or it least it was a few eras ago and so with that in mind this is how i plan on recording my time spent. I really don't care to much who reads it but I guess I would prefer that my ex best friend doesn't read it just because she doesn't deserve to know about my life. Beyond that, whatever. I like the idea of our future kid having a window into her (yes HER but maybe him, who knows) parents life.
Today has been spend very domestically. How a saturday with the husband should be. Errands, buying moms mothers day cards, me laying by the pool while he plays oblivion. This game he's been playing for the last few weeks is actually not too bad. The music is nice, kinda gladiatorish and its not all shoot em up. Before chadd was up I fed my retail tooth and bought some adorable prints to put in the bathroom from Joom, off of, my new favorite website. I already got my dads fathers day present from there.
Tonight we are going with Emma and james to a comedy night that some guy from her gym is in, hopefully it doesn't suck. I feel like i want to look cute which would require me doing something with my hair, like straightening it and i'm soooo just not in the mood but emma puts in the effort so i guess i should too.
Other things to note as this is the first journal in awhile:
I just told chadd I will not give his finger a b.j. becuase thats something whores do. To which he replied, don't you want to be my whore? I mean, I spread willingly but whore is not a title i like to hold.
I'm reading "are you there vodka, it's me chelsea'. Good book, just for the funny factor. I feel like i would enjoy being her friend. So thats what i need to do, find a funny, sarcastic, crass friend who is loyal and extra points for being jewish. write it up.
And finally, sadly really, my sweet chadd has a funky burnt lip right now from this wickety wack job he did last week on the mountain that left him, mostly his lip, badly burnt and blistered. So much so that he had to cancel a fashion he had today much to the dismay of our bank account. Oh well, we are fully willing karma to not be a bitch and to make it up to us somehow soon. Worst of all is he could have been in Entourage because it filmed at my work on tuesday and I WAS IN IT! Doesn't come out till fall so we'll see if i'm actually in it or just a blur in the background. My monies on blur but whatevs it was fun.

Friday, May 2, 2008

it's because he's got SUCH a big nose!

and he's funny but really, Steve Carell and that nose. My god. He's funny but I think we as the coming public needed a 'real' person and he was the answer. Someone who looks like us, especially us jews. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the gods, the heavens and baby jesus for blessing me not with the Jewish nose. Back on subject, I'm on the fence as to weather the office british version or US version is funnier. I think NOW our version is funnier but I would laugh more if Randy Gervais was in charge.
I'd also like to confess that I'm addicted to Rock of love AND The Bachelor. I should just hang myself right now but I guarantee you this I will NEVER watch 'farmer wants a wife' OR 'paris hiltons best friends search'.