Thursday, May 22, 2008

I smell because I'm excited!

Isn't it sad that BO is my bodies reaction to good news. My Jewish/Italian mix is letting itself be known right about now. The cause of this is that my fave blogger/author Stephanie Klein's hubby Phil called me today asking if I'd be her LA volunteer for her book readings next month. OF COURSE I'd do it! I am also putting together some goodie bags for her to raffle of that will be given away at her readings. I'm really trying to hook the readers up and so far have a massage G.C. to give away at each. I'm hoping to get some handmade goodies, wine and magazines.
I've met SK once before at a book signing but I can't wait to really meet her this time. She's more 'celebrity' to me than most of the actresses out there, so it's kind of a big deal!
Here's a pic from the last time I met her and this time I hope to look a bit less like a lesbo.

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