Thursday, May 8, 2008

current sick obsession

I know i'm not the only one drawn to negative shows like snapped and intervention. Those snapped ladies, who go crazy and kill their husband. They all think they've covered their tracks and its like really? Did you really think it wasn't gonna be found out that you were sleeping around with the other sunday school leader and embezzling from the church? really? God much have taught you all the act of ignorance and foolishness because your new life in prison without your children will most likely neither be blissful or godly. But I digress, my real obsession these days or since april 28th is that of Elisabeth Frizl. They girl (now women) from Austria who was held in an underground cellar for 24 yrs by her insesstuas father who kept her as his 'mistress' and fathered 7 kids with her. 7 kids! 24 yrs! it's too awful to comprehend although i've tried. I was 6 yrs old the last time she saw the light of day and now 24 yrs later at 42 she is free although she is now the mother of her fathers children. I hope she can comeback somehow from this. I feel so deeply for this women half way around the globe and so murderously for her vile father. It turns my stomach and my imagination is in full force trying to conceive of her life day in and day out. Just awful. Even though my life has not been always blessed I feel grateful. Just to be free, to have choice, to go to work and on a walk. To not be a prisoner to anyone but my own self and to be my own shining star.
Good luck Elisabeth. My heart goes out to you and your family. I hope peace and acceptance lie somewhere in your future.

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