Thursday, January 12, 2012

Can't get satisfaction

We've lived in 4 places in the last year but now finally we are settling into our home and trying to solve the problem that is lack of storage. Specifically our bedroom closet is not big enough for both of our stuff so it's time to buy an armoire. These seem magical as a kid, a standing wardrobe big enough to hide in but I'm just finding that it's challenging to find one that isn't too big as it'll be taking up precious floor space and that looks good. Oh yeah, and at a deal as we are house rich, cash poor these days.
The PAX wardrobe system from Ikea seemed like an option but man is it BIG. Too big for us.
Scouring craigslist is a part time job these days.
We are also looking for storage shelves for our garage. We found some good ones at Ikea but they were and are still out of stock. We clearly aren't getting much satisfaction on the storage front. Crossing my fings that the perfect items are just around the corner.
Any ideas are welcome...
smile, leigha