Monday, April 23, 2012

adding feathers to our nest...

So we bought the house, now we are having a baby and have finally dug into some actual house projects. Feels like we are living some sort of American suburban dream or something. Nothing has really changed but our address and the size of my belly but it does feel like we are right where we were always meant to be. Happy together and growing our life. It doesn't feel too radical (as in extreme, it does feel cool/rad) being pregnant. The biggest trip these days is just watching my body grow and to see a different profile when I look in the mirror than I've ever had before. I know this feeling is minimal to the way my life will grow and change with the arrival of our munchkin but beyond day dreaming and imagining I have no actual factual idea of how my days will be come this fall. I know without a doubt that my heart is growing even more than my big ole belly. I feel so full of love and happiness. I know I'm so lucky to have a supportive husband and family. I also know, that the love I feel today is probably tiny when compared to how much I'll love our child. And with that love comes paradoxical fear, how fun! Fears of parental failures, fears of losing myself, financial fears and the fear of having it all and then losing it but I'm guessing this is normal and fortunately  I'm keeping those thoughts at bay because honestly, there is just no room left in this body for fears. Especially now that my creative mind is kicking in and demanding A LOT of attention. 

I usually blog way more about home projects because I love decorating & design so much however the last 4 months have been pretty full and overwhelming just with moving into our home (our forth move of the year). And it's definitely taken some time to discover what our flow here would be. As it is our first home and we can literally do ANYTHING to it, we've had to decide what anything would look like. The house we bought was a flip so basically it's brand new inside but not necessary all our style and we can't afford to redo everything we don't love but we've finally started picking away at the smaller projects.

Here's what we've done so far.
~~Repainted the front door & shutters in the front a deep blueish grey. They were an orange brown before, it was awful. Our home & style is much more in the range of cool tones than warm. I wish we had darker wood floors but we are just lucky to have wood at all so absolutely no complaints.

~~We put in  some fruit trees and 2 raised garden beds for veggies in the backyard.
Still need to stain the wood.

~~Fireplace in the living room was very blah before (upper left pic) so it's been painted and refinished to be more of a rustic and darker aged brick. Soon the walls in this room will be a very dark matte grey.

~~Next up, changing out the ugly green granite counter tops in the bathrooms to a delicious crema marfil that my mother in law gifted us with. We went fancy on it and purchased top of the counter sinks that happily didn't break the bank. The added counter space in the master (top pic) was much needed and I love the squared off edging. It completely changed the whole space. The bathroom walls in the master are now a light grey to play off the grey walls of the bedroom. Feels VERY grown up and chic. We still need to pick out a color for the guest (bottom pic) bathroom and it seems like we are leaning towards a light green/blue with more of a grey (theme of our house!) tone to it.

Then this weekend we put up these new side wall lamps that give us so much more side table space and look really nice in our room (on sale at I'm so happy with the look. I still haven't figured
out my ultimate bedding colors but what we have definitely works for now.

My nesting instinct has been centered around us and getting our creature comforts addressed so that we can comfortably start our life as parents but soon we will start getting the nursery ready! We have a few ideas but we don't know yet which ones will stick. Oh and the dreaded garage lays ahead, ugh. More to come.....