Saturday, May 3, 2008

A new direction....

fact, no one reads this so instead of writing little stories or observations i'm going to journal. I love the idea of journaling but pen to paper is just to hard a this point. It's the computer era or it least it was a few eras ago and so with that in mind this is how i plan on recording my time spent. I really don't care to much who reads it but I guess I would prefer that my ex best friend doesn't read it just because she doesn't deserve to know about my life. Beyond that, whatever. I like the idea of our future kid having a window into her (yes HER but maybe him, who knows) parents life.
Today has been spend very domestically. How a saturday with the husband should be. Errands, buying moms mothers day cards, me laying by the pool while he plays oblivion. This game he's been playing for the last few weeks is actually not too bad. The music is nice, kinda gladiatorish and its not all shoot em up. Before chadd was up I fed my retail tooth and bought some adorable prints to put in the bathroom from Joom, off of, my new favorite website. I already got my dads fathers day present from there.
Tonight we are going with Emma and james to a comedy night that some guy from her gym is in, hopefully it doesn't suck. I feel like i want to look cute which would require me doing something with my hair, like straightening it and i'm soooo just not in the mood but emma puts in the effort so i guess i should too.
Other things to note as this is the first journal in awhile:
I just told chadd I will not give his finger a b.j. becuase thats something whores do. To which he replied, don't you want to be my whore? I mean, I spread willingly but whore is not a title i like to hold.
I'm reading "are you there vodka, it's me chelsea'. Good book, just for the funny factor. I feel like i would enjoy being her friend. So thats what i need to do, find a funny, sarcastic, crass friend who is loyal and extra points for being jewish. write it up.
And finally, sadly really, my sweet chadd has a funky burnt lip right now from this wickety wack job he did last week on the mountain that left him, mostly his lip, badly burnt and blistered. So much so that he had to cancel a fashion he had today much to the dismay of our bank account. Oh well, we are fully willing karma to not be a bitch and to make it up to us somehow soon. Worst of all is he could have been in Entourage because it filmed at my work on tuesday and I WAS IN IT! Doesn't come out till fall so we'll see if i'm actually in it or just a blur in the background. My monies on blur but whatevs it was fun.

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