Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"go find Emma and tell her she sucks..."

"and give yourself a star or something Joshua."
This is what i just said to the customer service rep at Amazon. This company is now slightly on my shit list. Mostly because I'm Jewish and partly because they are sneaky and slid some $79 charge through on my bank account. BUT I caught it and called them and then EMMA sucked and didn't cancel the charge 8 days ago like she said she would (again, you suck Emma). So I called today and Joshua was all, well no one had corrected that charge yet so let me just do that quickly for you now. WTF? Why do these customer service people do that? It's not like she was going to profit from the $79 that amazon gets so what's in it for her besides laziness. And while I'm on it, $79 is a steep ass charge for some 'club' that gets you free shipping for a year. I mean really, how much does it cost to ship a book or CD?

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