Saturday, August 25, 2007

a chill in the air......

We've had some bedding issues lately. We had to get a new box spring AND frame which equals a lot of money spent out of the blue. And then of course to complete the new bed sitch we got a bedskirt that took me a half an hour to iron. If I'm ever wealthy enough to not have to do my own laundry and ironing - I'd be very happy indeed. On the way home from Bed, Bath and Beyond I had the window down and the breeze was heavenly. It was coool and felt great on this Oregonians skin. I don't think I relized that I like that weather until just last year when Chaddy and i started walking in the fall and getting a kick out of crispness in our hair & the air as we held hands walking our neighborhood, me busy stomping on the leaves! I'm thrilled that it's cool outside but unfortunately my California husband prefers the sun. I think I'm a 3 season girl myself: fall, spring and summer baby! Anyways, off to get ready for a movie with my crisp-air loving brother who feels good in his cool bones too. Superbad; how fucking funny are you really!!!

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