Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Loves List

I wrote this for Chadd before the wedding. I love all the little quirks about us that make an US. We all have our idiot-synchrosis and to truly love Chadd is to honor his and love him deeper because of them. Just like he does with my many...

He’s obsessed with climbing and jumping
She has to read in bed with her cat for 30 mins after work to properly calm down
He needs double cheese on anything he eats that’s cheesy
She likes cheese too
He use to say two-apart because of together
She smothers her lips in anything creamy than licks it off
He prefers baths
She only washes her hair 2 times and week and is terrible at it
On her birthday and Valentines Day he washes it for her
She made him watch all the sex and the cities
He finally admitted he likes them
They don’t like watching anything with people cheating on their partner
He wishes he could have two a day sex sessions with her
She has him on a semi-sex schedule
He always cleans the hair out of the drains
She packs his bags for him
They are obsessed with their cats
He doesn’t read but likes to have books of things that interest him
She has a random hair that grows on her chest and is having it lasered
If he farts around her he makes her promise to hold her breath
One time she pooped with the door open when he was home
He was a virgin
She kissed him first
He can’t get enough
She loves him so much that she cries
He bought her the perfect ring
She pestered him until he surprised her with it
He combs his hair slick back after washing it
She only washes her armpits, girly parts and face in the shower
He has a little tooth
She only looks good in pictures when she's smiling
He looks like superman
She always wanted to be famous
He can do the robot better than anyone
She cares what other people think
He could care less
She loves the color pink but only certain shades
Red’s been his favorite color his whole life
She goes to boot camp for exercise because she’s too lazy to workout herself
He likes martial arts
She isn’t overweight but still thinks she’s fat
His ears don’t have lobes
She sings to any song she knows trying to prove she can sing
He lies to her and says she’s good even though she’s tone deaf
She needs a lot of adoration
He gives her anything she needs
She wants to hide in a closet when she’s sad
He makes the bed every day for her
She relies on him to plan their future but has opinions about everything
He lets her think she’s in control
She doesn’t swallow
He says he doesn’t care
She sleeps on her stomach
He sleeps on his back but wants to sleep on his stomach
They are desperately in love
She’s going to take his last name even though she hates it
He’s not offended but wants her to take it anyways
She can only eat her meat well done but orders is med well and always sends it back
He wants to walk outside without shoes on
Sometimes she lets him but rarely
He’s going to high jump again
She’s so proud that he chose her
They both love cleaning their ears
He runs the bath for her if she wants a bath
But she runs it for him too
Candles = romance
Kissing is their favorite
He hates when she sticks her tongue in his mouth out of the blue
She likes red wine
He likes white and tries to get her drunk
They talk in baby talk together
They are getting married in 38 days

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Jaime said...

I love love love this. And I love love love you.... oh and PS I read your blogs :)