Thursday, December 14, 2006

Writing practice....

describe something. GO.

Artichoke hearts. I adore them because not only are they incredibly tasty but they are a little world you can unfold. Like most chocolates, candies and friends, the best part is in the center, at the heart. I eat the outside leaves in anticipation of what lies just below. The other thing about artichokes is that you really have to work for them. You have to clean them
and trim off the spiky ends of the leaves and then boil water for them to steam in for at least 40 minutes before you can enjoy them.
Everyone has their own lil concoction of what to dip them in. My dad likes to mix yogurt, tahini and soy sauce together (he's an odd bird i know), some go straight for the plain mayo or melted butter (hi clogged arteries) but I do the following. I melt a mixture of butter and EVOO then i add garlic salt and Parmesan cheese to it for my dipping delight. It's magnificent.
Trader Joe's sells a 4 pack of small baby artichokes and my favorite dinner is to sit down with 2 (well 3) of those and pick to it's heart's delight.

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Buffy said...

I love writing exercises. They make me reach when I feel like sitting still.

I love artichoke hearts as well.