Sunday, December 3, 2006

I'm out of practice at spending the day alone. It's like a muscle so if you don't use it, you loose it. I stay pretty busy running around in circles filled with work, kitties, chadd and family. To clarify, I'm a master at hanging at home alone all day watching tv & movies, magazines, laying by the pool, tinkering and playing on the puter. But I'm in San Diego alone and I want to explore. If only I had a legit camera. Then I could wander the streets carelessly seeing how the world looks differently through my rose colored lens. But I didn't have one, so instead I did a bit of shopping, lunching & reading and after a tasty Margarita I did a bit of cruising. Lets face it, most things are chiller after one drink. My bestie Liz agrees.
Here's our short list:
Watching comedy
Doing your hair and make-up
and sassing among others..

In the spirit of lists, I've made another.

Drinks I enjoy from time to time:
Margarita: rocks, NO salt
vodka, rocks, extra lime
champagne (with a lil chamborg for the fancy pants in you)
pear cider
coronda w/ lime
Lemon drop
Key lime martini from this small bar in Hyde Park, Cincy
Baileys on the rock
Chianti, Cab Sav or a tasty Pino Noir.


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