Thursday, December 7, 2006

It's so so sad. I can't stop thinking about the family that got lost in Oregon in the snow for 2 weeks, stuck in their car. They were on the right path in life. A happy family from San Fran. Both with successful careers and two daughters. From the photographs you can see that they cherished them so much. Then they literally take the wrong path and now the father is dead and their world is a nightmare. They missed their turn off to I5 while driving home down the coast and they got stuck in the snow. After 9 days the dad, James, left his family to try for help. The family was rescued without him 2 days later and then yesterday he was found dead from hypothermia about a mile away from the car.
I can only imagine the heartache Kati feels right now and it makes me so sad for the future they had in their grasp and will never be. It brings out my fears of this happening to me someday. I'm sure Kati is a strong women who will raise her little girls with family support the way James would have wanted her too and I'm sure thier daughter will sort of remember him but they won't know him and there's such a vast difference.
One of my friends dad drowned in Italy while the family was on vacation when she was 12 and I know there is a sadness in her soul that will never go away. Her mom never remarried or even dates really. She's commited herself to being a mom and that's her purpose now.

It's so hard to find a mate that fits you in the first place. How can you ever find another when the bar is set so high. I guess my bars been set at Chadd's best highjump, 6'10'' and there aren't many men out there that can beat it. I hope I never have to look.

God bless you Kati.

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