Wednesday, December 6, 2006

loves bandaid

If I were there right now I would be looking around anxiously for a doctor while squeezing your hand. I’d hum to you and pat your back to a soothing rhythm. I would speak on your behalf and ask all the questions I could think of, if I were there. You’d look in my eyes and be so pathetic that my heart would tear and I’d say “if I could be the one in pain and take it away from you I would”, even though we both know I’m a huge puss and couldn’t handle what you are going through now and what you’ve always gone through. Right now I need to see your pain and hold you because speculating while sitting at work is killing me. Has the doctor seen you or are you still sitting there in agony? Don't understand that you need to be fixed? I would kiss it and make you better if I could. I’m sorry you didn’t sleep at all last night and that I did. I didn’t know you were up. Next time tell me and I’ll be there on the couch with you. Grouching together is better than alone. I love you.

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