Thursday, June 12, 2008

So nice to meet you

my blogger, my author, my friend? MY FRIEND!!
Can you consider someone your friend after 1 shopping excursion, 1 dinner and an exchange of phone numbers? I hope so, because that would make Stephanie Klein my friend. I just adore her. Love her words, thoughts and energy. She has long since been a favorite author of mine, even inspiring me to drive 6 hours before to her last book reading and checking out her website nearly every day for the last 2 years. As someone who loves to read, write and express, I really enjoy finding a voice out there that could be mine but isn't. Like Stephanie, I was with a doctor and let go of a life that at some point I thought I wanted. Then, I had to make a new life, find a new path with no markers leading the way. I did, she did and we both still have it. I found love and a new zip code with Chadd and her love took her to Austin and brought her BEAUTIFUL TWINS. Now, not only do I know her on paper but I actually have hung with her and feel so blessed. To me, it feels right that I would find myself toasting her over drinks but it also shocks me and makes me count all my blessings. Phil, Stephanie's husband is very nice and down to earth too and I hope to eventually meet their adorable beans...

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