Wednesday, June 25, 2008

she'll always be young to me

No matter how old my little sister gets, I'm sure I will always feel the need to ask her if she wants me to call and wake her up or if she put all my stuff borrowed back. Isn't that why I'm an older sister after all; to boss her around! She is 22 today and has been staying with me the last month. Mostly its been a great time had by all even though there's been a few rocky patches but I think that's to be expected. For the most part we spend our time watching cooking shows (Giada and Jamie oliver), cooking which leads to drinking which leads to feeling bad about not working out. We've been trying to get out on a run mon-thurs and so far we're at about 50%. Lets just say there is much room for improvement.
Today, Elyse is working her little tush off (seen recently on at an event where she interns. I feel for the little munchkin and can't wait to properly cheers her over drinks and her ever favorite Thai food.
Happy Birthday munchkin head!!!!!!!!!!

Picture 1 is what I see when I look at her (I'm sure its the what my mom sees too which is why she's freaking out at the thought of her driving by herself back to Arizona)
Picture 2 is what she looked like opening mom's card (and check) this morning at breakfast.