Thursday, July 17, 2008

She's the BEEZIEST of all the TRANNY's

Today's guest blogger is my sister ELYSE. She wrote this for 944 magazine, where she interns at... Cute huh?

I am going to attempt to write a blog strictly in my lingo…just so I can profess the interesting change in language that has occurred amongst the younger gen. in recent decades, that I FEEL would make learning the language a tad bit difficult. I personally whip out gangsta sayings and movie quotages in daily convo, which tends to stumble my followers and there is room to say I may not make sense. But I feel that denying this slang is crapsicles. I mean I know there have been moments where I have called my hetero life mate Leigha a beezy and she was offended. Little did that tranny know, I was just referring to her beeziness in a positive beeztastic way! Needless to say, lets be surious yo. The constant abbrev’s, elongationage and match-mixing of words have led us all to concoct our own verbal dialogue foreign to anyone except our own frontal lobe. Yet I would like to give snaps to every fantastical crazy kid out there ballsy enough to whip out words like broski, rando, skeez and tranny fierocia. So go, go out into the world with your plethora of lingotastic sayings and spread them into the abyss, hopefully to befuddle and taint other slangless beings. Fo sheezy…

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