Friday, June 13, 2008

Sex in the hot desert

My trip back to Tempe to visit Elyse and drive back to LA with her was basically planned around the opening night of Sex and The City. For the last year the plan was for us to see it together but considering we live a mere 6 hour drive from each other, I wasn't quite sure that would happen. I had a back up plan though. My adorable husbands only watched every episode a handful of times at my request so he was going to be my plus 1 IF it came to that. Lucky for him, it didn't.
I flew into Tempe on the 30th of May at 5:40pn and our movie tickets were for 7:50pm. That didn't leave much time for well anything but somehow we fit in an outfit change which I decided was not SATC worthy once we got to the outdoor mall where the movie theatre was so I popped into a store to purchase a whole new one (in less than 3 minutes!!). We also had some delicious cosmo's (of course) and aps. BUT, the most fun for me was we walked by a Tilly's store where 3 of Chadd's ads were hanging in the windows. I've never had that happen before and it was a hoot. I was standing there like a retard taking pictures of the pictures in the window.
The movie was good, not life changing by any means but it filled the spot left empty in my SATC loving heart for at least 2 hours.

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