Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Smart Gifting!

There is a frosty nip in LA today and it's just another reminder that it's time to get your list into Santa because Christmas is JUST around the corner.
If you're like me and find yourself in front of a computer for many hours a day then you too have probably started shopping more and more online.
I wanted to share some of the helpful hints I've learned over the past few online lovin' years.
First, get yo' self an amazon account. When you do a search in Amazon, sort your results by free SUPER saver shipping. Basically what this means is anything you buy that offers this will ship for free as long as the total is over $25. Because Amazon remembers what you've added into your basket as long as you're logged in, I just keep adding until I reach $25 and then place my order. Sometimes it takes me a few months but it's always worth the free shipping and most items I order aren't time sensitive. Another reason to start shopping early.  Also, on the front page of Amazon is the daily deal. Check it out daily to see if it's something you can check off your list!

I usually do a big Macy's online order every year. They have really great sales online and you can usually qualify for free shipping as well. For me, Macy's in store shopping is about shoes and purses but if I go online it's so much easier to browse all the departments.

If you shop at Sephora for the makeup lovers in your life MAKE SURE you sign up/into your account when you log out because once you earn 500 points you get a free gift and sometimes it's a really great one. It's always nice to get a goodie for yourself when you're being Santa for everyone else.

If you haven't heard of www.slickdeals.net check it out. It's updated daily by people that have come across a great deal out there and feel the need to share. This is a good place to look for the men in your life. Tools, techi's etc are frequently featured.

My last helpful hint is to trade in mileage points that you aren't using for magazine subscriptions for loved ones.

When all else fails Cash is king, Gas cards are always needed and a few scratch it tickets can round out a light gift.

Happy Shopping and please share your own helpful hints!!!

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