Thursday, November 10, 2011

dreaming in kitchen...


and these are only a few of the kitchens i'm loving...
our new house is amazing and i can't wait to get in there
but until then it's impossible to stop thinking about decorating and the kitchen
especially keeps begging for new direction (pic below)
right now it looks a bit like a lawyers executive offer.
dark, wood cabinets and a very run of the mill granite.
i'm dreaming of an over hall which neither my budget or hubby will allow so until then
dreaming, dreaming....
i would love a farm sink, maybe white counters, open shelving among other things
but at first i'll have to settle for new hardware and some paint treatment on the cabinets
i love the idea of chalkboard paint somewhere in the house, maybe the dining area

THIS IS OUR KITCHEN: nice but fussy and too dark -- what would you do to it?
and i do realize that this is an amazing kitchen to even have but this blog is for dreaming and decor wishing...
not judging.

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