Wednesday, September 26, 2007

what a phucking spectorcle

How did that insane corspe get off with a mistrial. Is the LA justice system set on turning itself into a joke? Seriously.
I can't believe that phil spector (his name doesn't deserve caps) got off on a mistrial. IT'S INSANITY!
He is a crazy gun toting midget who has a long past of putting guns in pretty girls faces. He clearly has issues and he ADMITTED to killing her to his bodyguard.

really the bottom line for me is anyone who thinks this is a good look is clearly off his rocker and is capable of murder.

And what on earth is his new trophy wife Rachelle thinking getting in bed with this man who reportedy had a glass coffin build to show his wife what he would do to her if she ever cheated on him. Sealed alive in a glass coffin ~ ah, what a lovely reminder of love. And all I ever get from my husband are letters and jewelry, sucks for me.

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