Tuesday, September 25, 2007

act actor, act

In Hollywood, so much is defined by your public persona or rather if you're known enough to have one. Are you on IMDB, do you come up on Google? What's your myspace? are you out there and can dirt be dug up about you on the internet? I decided to Google people I know last night. I have a habit of doing, like most other people living in this town but hadn't done it for awhile. Anyways, I came up with some info on people I know but no dirt (not like I was looking) so I googled myself.
I wonder, should I be sad if I Google myself and nothing comes up on me. Is it like the proverbial tree; If I'm not on the Internet am I really here. Do I exist in the social sense. All it takes these days to be known is to answer a Miss Teen USA question in the ditsy-est way possible and *poof* you get 15 minutes of fame or rather public mockery that pays. Then you get to have a tag line the rest of your life. You will always be "that girl" and I bet that gets old really fast. So I'm glad the public knows little of me. I prefer to be just outside the circle but still close enough to have a conversation with those people every once and a while.
This is all on my mind right now because as we speak my better half is on his way to get his first set of head shots for his new manager. He's starting to submerse in "acting". I think he's very talented and hope he does well. Well enough to afford us a nicer life and hopefully no more 40 hour grind (maybe I'll cut back to PT) but you have to think about all the things you would be giving up and once the ball is in motion would you, could you or should you stop it.
I'm sure Brad never intended to be the "SEXIEST MAN ALIVE" and have every minute of his life tracked, tapped and discussed. Who really wants that part of it. Maybe they want the fortune and the access to what most get turned away from but they don't want to be stalked. And I'm just wondering if I/We could handle that if it was ever thrown our way and would loosing our anonimty be worth it? Would it just be better to choose adult careers and settle into them until we retire or should we try our hand at fate, give the dice a toss and hope we have enough luck and karma coming our way to win it big (but not too big).
Oh well, the decisions been made, the classes paid for and the dotted lines been signed....

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