Monday, November 27, 2006

Ode to Thanksgiving

I made everyone at our Thanksgiving feast write a poem about the holiday and they all hated me for it. However, now that it's done i'm sure they had fun especially once it was read aloud. For me, it was the highlight of the day next to the meal because everyone did something different and unexpected. The urge for this new tradition came to me because Grandma Jackie always reads Twas the night before Christmas every year in her adorable school teacher way where she shows us the page before turning it.
This year's makeshift family thanksgiving included Chadd and I, his family: Jennifer (mom), Eddie (dad), Erik (brother) Gma Jackie and then my sister Elyse, her friend from college Jessica and my stepbrother Forrest who i'm not really related to anymore but will always be my bro.

Anyways, the steaze was that we would all write a poem then draw someone elses out of a bag and read it then GUESS WHO'S IT WAS!!!Here's mine:

Twas the night of thanksgiving and all through the house, the family was gathering and fuchsia had a faux mouse.
No golf for Eddie, there’s turkey to fry. Today that’s your task, so do it or die!!!
And jennifer as usual was buzzing about. Wisking, stuffing and drinking no doubt.
The girls had been busy deviling eggs.
And Grandma Jackie was tired from crafting all day.
Chadd had been nibbling on his FRAVORITE dinner and Erik was relaxing. Tomorrow he plays center.And finally desert. Forrest you go getter. What a tasty apple crisp, made with love, all the better.
I’m so happy to be here, toasting you all. With a blessing in my heart for family both near and far.This years been amazing. The next will be better, as I welcome the addition on five brand new letters.

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Anonymous said...

Ok..i like the poem..maybe I will come up with a wedding poem...but I would cry if I had to read it and then I would mess up my make-up and uncle dizzle would be embarassed that his date was messy and I would probably snort as well......ok noooo poem! love you the most!