Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Feels like a Tuesday

I've already gained the mandatory Thanksgiving 5 pounds by having pre Thanksgiving at my dads in Washington this weekend. We did it up with tasty turkey, delish gravy, sweet AND mashed potato's, one of my great salads and some mussels to start. Sounds good right?
Then we went to see my littlest brother Dylan's band The Yeti's play at the local talent show. Besides them, it totally sucked. To make matters worse, their act was the last so we had to wait through the whole entire show first. Now I'm definitely not religious as I believe in karma and connectivity. But there was 2 ten year old girls that sang a sond called John 3:16 with snazzy hand movements and all. The talent show was in a school but when they started singing their homemade song there was NO separation of church and state. I felt for these girls. For the lives they would have growing up. Never believing in their own power instead but it all in the hands of Jesus. WWJD? Teach his children to think for themselves and make wise decisions based on their wants. I'm totally on a tangent right now but I'm back. Back to my 5 pounds. Now what to do with another Thanksgiving the day after tomorrow and them right into Christmas season. I'm gonna have to get into that boot camp stat if I can afford it. I need that kind of brut force to kick my ass into gear because I need to be hot, wicked hawt for my wedding in May. Yes, Chadd's a peach and will love me the way I am but I don't know if I will once I see pics. I have the dream man, ring, and dress all I NEED now is the dream body because if all goes right I'll be stepping into that thong bikini hidden in the bottom of my drawer with the tags still on for the honeymoon.

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Jaimers said...

Oh Leighers. I just love you sooo much! And I love the little widows into your world. Keep writing lover, it's good.