Sunday, August 24, 2008

what's in a name.....

If I ever want new music on my iPhone all i have to do is go through the collection of music my hubby has on our computer because we have soooo much. He's a bit of a music junkie which I love and features mostly old school electronic mixed in with a nice bit of staples anyone should have. Sting, coldplay, zapp and rogers, Whitney Houston etc.. This has me thinking about all the band names out there because there are soooo many! I seriously want to know the story behind all these names and how they were imagine. Some like Dave Mathews band are quite obvi but The White Stripes took some creativity, Sting is part of the Police and why are the Beatles called that? Stars as Eyes and Square pusher must have been drinking or drug induced but then again artists are wickedly creative people unlike myself who would probably name my band Chaigha or Princess Rocks or better yet Sexy Hot Shoes. That last ones actually not that bad, perhaps theres less mystery to this equation than I thought. Right now I'm going to listen to a mixture of Chromeo and Sparklehorse. What would your band be called?

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