Monday, December 12, 2011

Super people!!

This weekend was an extremely high functioning weekend. All the months of not being able to project or improve our environment were made up for this weekend! Friday night we moved all of our things from my mom's where we've been staying for the last 4 months while looking for a house to buy. So basically with the help of a Uhaul truck and our good friend we moved in our bed and needed belongings. We actually SLEPT in our new house. It was magical I tell you!
Saturday we got some breakie and headed to Lowe's for appliances. We ended up with a fridge and washer/dryer from another store and it's going to be delivered tomorrow. Our first NEW appliances! So excited and slightly holding my breath in anticipation that they actually fit.
Yesterday the movers showed up with all of our stuff that had been stored and wow, do we have a lot of shit. It all seems so unneeded now.. Goodwill is going to be loving us soon!
Thanks to our awesome family we got sooo much done. Most of our things are in place ~ the tree is up (fake) next year the real thing.

I can't wait to share pics but now, I gotta make that money so we can pay our mortgage!

more to come....

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