Monday, December 19, 2011

It was good knowin ya...

I was driving to work this morning from my new home in the valley. My office is located in West Hollywood, my old hood. It got me thinking about the relationship I've had with the city of WeHo these last...hold on I'm counting...6 plus years. That's a really long time, almost the whole time I've lived in Southern California except that first year we lived across the street from the beach.
It feels like a meaningful relationship in my life has ended. One that needed to end but still, it's worth mourning over a little. I guess it would be harder if I didn't have to come back to work here. I can still have lunch at my usual Jaunts and stop by my old go-to stores on my way home from work. Driving down the streets near my old apartment feels extremely comfortable yet entirely changed. These aren't the streets I walk up and down on a lazy Sunday to the farmers or flea market anymore. I don't circle looking for parking on them and I will never serenade the neighborhood drunkenly with my sister again.
We've been so busy setting up our new home that I've barely thought of our old neighborhood, but like the other significant places of my past, I can always picture them in my minds eye. I loved you old neighbs. Thanks for being so good to us, for having nice restaurants, colorful & festival parades, good shops and lots of clubs.
It'll be awhile till I forget how hard city living can be - not to mention expensive. You are always on your toes and never have enough space to spread out. Outdoor living is limited and traffic is a constant. I'll wear my time here like a badge of honor, made of rainbow thread and glitter!

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