Sunday, October 5, 2008

too furry to vote but cute enough to run!

Coco is not so much a cat but a screamer. All day, starting an hour before my alarm yells at me she starts. it would be so much better if her meow was sweet and cute but its crotchety and grumpy. If I could upload audio I would god damnit! OK, so, I figured it out today who she is and what she is all about. She's a fucking lobbyist. Starting first thing in the morning she lobbies for a fresh top off on her food, she lobbies for pets, for attention, for looking, loving, for fresh water, for our water, to be let into the bathroom and then immediately to be let out. She must be the older sister of the two and every time Charli complains about something I can picture Coco meowing to her "don't worry lil sis, I got this one". I hate to say it but wouldn't you know she's probably even a republican or should I say, republican't do nothin right!

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